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VG Sporten
Molde fotballklubb

PC Magazines

PC Magazine
PC World
PC Week
Kapital Data
PC Magazine Norge

WWW stuff

Finger gateway
WWW-Finger Gateway with Faces
MS160 Archie Server Gateway
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
W3 Search Engine for finding files with their names on FTP.FUNET.FI
The Postcard Store
MUSAGE Perl script, Statistic program
Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace
Directory of /pub/www, The lates ver. of Netscape/Mosaic (Europa)
GNA Course: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++


HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support
The HTML Writers Guild Homepage
RGS Oracle-PL/SQL-WWW interface


SGML Web Page
All About ArborText, SGML
InfoSeek Search Results: SGML
Astoria: A Technology from XSoft
A GNU Emacs mode for SGML files

University WWW

Universitetet i Oslo
Universitetet i Bergen
Department of Information Science
Bergen guided nightlife tour
Universitetet i Tromsø
Universitetet i Trondheim (UNIT)
Norwegian Council of Universities
Statistics for Nasjonalt fagråd for informasjonsvitenskap
The system development group, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Cornell info -Home Page
Norwegian School of Management
CARL Home Page
Aalborg Universitet, Det samfundsvidenskabelige fakultet
Universitetet på island
SUNET Universitetet i Umeå

Dictionary WWW

Hypertext Webster Interface
Acronym lookup
Computing Dictionary
Oppslagsverk på WWW
Martin Ramsch - Englisch

Home pages

Surfing and searching  WWW
          Some "selected" links
Excite Travel
Kvasir - Katalog over nordiske Internet-ressurser
Yahoo Search
BoWeb '94 Award Recipients

Norwegian WWW stuff

          Ledige stillinger fylkes oversikt
          Ledige stillinger Troms
          Ledige stillinger Tromsø
          Jobshop finner jobben
          Aviser og elektroiske tidsskrifter
          TONO foto
          Flo og Fjære
          Her kan du sende GSM meldinger

Shopping WWW

Online shopping på Internett!
Matservice i Tromsø

Pictures/Graphics WWW

Directory of /pub/pics
Jon's Image Archive, Lots of pictures.....Fast access from Norway (Nets. 1.1, Univ. conection)
SIRDS Gallery
3-D and SIRDS images
InfoSeek Search Results: Transparent pictures
Face Recognition Home Page
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
Annotated Scientific Visualization Weblet Bibliography
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Abeds Icons
Anthony Icon Library
Yorkweb icon-archive
Twente icon-Library
Screen Savers For Windows From A-Z And Custom Screen Saver Development Service By Rat Loaf

Sounds WWW

Akers Mic's Home Page
Jahays MOD Files
MOD Archive
Musicware, Inc.
Bergen Jazz Forum informerer.
Steves MIDI Archive
Compact Disc Connection

Movie WWW stuff

The Internet Movie Database at Cardiff UK
The Internet Movie Database

Games WWW

          Do you remember SUPAPLEX??
Games - Happy Puppy Games Onramp
Angelfire game download
ERWS Homepage
Games domain UK
PC-Gamez links
Softseek games
Livewire games
Gamepen Games
Download games now!!!
Some more downloads

Miscellanious WWW

Welcome to the BBC
The Postcard Store
StarNet Communications Corp.
What's Hot and Cool 

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